1. Traditional building materials for homes of Amerindians living in Mabaruma, Manawarin and Oronoque, indigenous communities in Region One (Barima-Waini), include wooden planks and ite palm roofing.

    Photos courtesy of Shawna S.


  2. At the Kitty Seawall, a crab emerges in the honeyed afternoon light.



  3. "Not every crab hole got crab.
    (Things won’t always be what you expect them to be.)"
    — Guyanese sayings
  4. A massive mobile, hand woven bread basket attracts many shoppers at the Stabroek Market.


  5. Undertakers prepare and seal freshly constructed tombs in the flood-prone and neglected Le Repentir Cemetery, Georgetown.



  6. Sotheby’s sale of the British Guiana one-cent magenta postage stamp reinforces its reputation as the world’s most famous and valuable.

  7. Mangoes and golden apples, in due season :)

  8. Sweet and nice, Buxton Spice! (and a few golden apples too)

  9. Awara palm trees (Atrocaryum vulgare) in Linden, Guyana. The foremost palm is laden with a ripe bunch of its savoury fruit.

  10. Light evening traffic over the bridge from Haslington to Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara.


  11. A Georgetown school girl, happy at work and play.

    — Photo by A. Smith —



  12. "All skin teeth, nah laugh"


    1.Those who smile with you are not your friends.

    2.All smiles are not genuine.

    Guyanese Lingo provided by N.Modeste (a Guyanese national)

    (Source: allwestindianeverything)

  13. A Kuru Kuru resident is pictured collecting fresh creek water at one of the many creeks in the area. Residents explained that the creek water supplements their rainwater supply for domestic uses in the rural community.


  14. Perched high in an old almond tree, this macaw cocked its head to get a better look at us as we passed by.


  15. Encountered these sweet words etched into a sandy path in Yarrowkabra, a settlement along the Soesdyke-Linden highway.